About HAA

Inspired by such comedy duos as Tom and Jerry, and Itchy and Scratchy, I decided to create something of my own in the image of such hallowed masterpieces. But where the mouse escapes by his own quick wits, I wanted my ‘mouse’ to be a happy-go-lucky fool, an idiot who deserves to survive no more than a fish deserves to drown.

And so, using such works of genius as Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, Matt Groening’s the Simpsons and Zhang Leping's the Three-Haired Boy as a springboard, Happydude & Angryman took off. Each story a double-page spread of utter crap. What do you expect from a ten-year-old?

Samples from the original H-A-A

Well, years passed and at the age of sixteen, I decided to pick up H-A-A again. I decided to revive those obese stick people from the days of yore. You can find the results (still in progress) on this page.

And not just that – I had a more ambitious project in mind. THE BIG AND RANDOM COMIC! One hundred pages of pure nonsense to take up my time and yours, from New Year’s Day 2008 to gosh-knows-when (but hopefully the end of 2009).

Please feel free to send me a private message with your comments, critique, random insults, or any other outpour of emotion you feel like sending. I'm always happy to hear from people. ^-^

In progress:
- more pages (duh)
- more side comics
- some purdy pitchers for this page
- jazzier pages (if I can ever get my head round html)
- feel like suggesting anything?